Multi-media installation

Riehen, Switzerland


The installation is part of a comprehensive exhibition on the work of Jackson Pollock at the Beyeler Foundation. The gallery is divided in half by back-to-back plasma monitors that display two archival films of Pollock by Hans Namuth. In each half a modified extract of each film is projected onto a large horizontal surface: scenes from a color film in which Pollock paints on a pane of glass above the camera are projected on the gallery ceiling, while scenes from a black and white film shot from above the canvas on the ground are projected onto the gallery floor. By spatializing these segments of the film and displaying them in their “original” orientation, the typical relation between the horizontal space of production (the ground) to the vertical space of display (the wall) is reversed. The viewer is placed in the position of the camera, looking up or down at Pollock as he works. The re-oriented, blown-up, slow-motion and cropped footage allows for a closer examination of Pollock’s dynamic process.

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