Theater work

Premiered in New York, NY


The American Mysteries weaves together two unrelated theatrical genres, the American detective thriller and the ancient Greek mystery. There are nine acts in nine sites: The Writer’s Room, The Detective’s Office, The Office of the Mayor, The Powerhouse, The Meeting-place of the Underworld Boss, The Court Room, The Flame Club, The Boxing Ring, and The Hall of Mysteries. There are nine characters: the Mechanic, the Bodyguard, the Mayor, the Detective, the Underworld Boss, the Victim, the Waitress, the Assassin, and the Writer. The set-apparatus is a nine-square grid with counterweighted panels hinged at all sides. The set is transformed into discrete configurations by the performers in seamless transitions between acts. In collaboration with Creation Production Company, Vito Ricci, Brian Eno, Clodagh Simonds, and Glenn Branca.

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