Design proposal

Bürchen, Switzerland


Unlike any other hotel in the Alps, the architecture of Bürchen_Mystik is conceived as a place of retreat in nature, a place of personal well-being and a place for social activity, work and concentration. The project takes advantage of Bürchen’s greatest natural assets: its high solar exposure and its stunning mountain setting. A world-class spa is the focal point of a diverse set of amenities, offering not only the timeless aspects of treatment and relaxation, but also including the therapeutic characteristics of natural and healthful fine dining and a connection with nature. The architectural history and material richness of the Bürchen region is evident in the adaptive reuse of the local granary/barn structures as modern luxury rooms.

The conventions of work and play have changed: Bürchen_Mystik seamlessly blends rustic tradition with contemporary lifestyle and electronic connectivity. The retreat sets a new paradigm for environmental consciousness and social responsibility. On the whole, the project aims to transform Bürchen’s regional identity into a national and international destination.

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