Permanent media installation

New York, NY


The subway station can be characterized as a momentary pause in a dynamic subterranean network of information and transportation composed of bodies, machines, noise, transactions, routine movements: a space of the “in-between.” For this a-social space, there is a unique social bond – the mediatic connection with other readers of the daily newspaper. Inspired by the civic landmark of the Times Square News Ribbon, Feed features the news as an ongoing public event. An L.E.D. signboard embedded in the subway platform scrolls a continuous up-to-the-minute ribbon of international, national and local news. Commuters on the platform share in a common surface of information underfoot. In contrast to the ephemeral quality electronic news feed, permanent headlines from 1904–the inaugural year of the station–runs in expansion joints perpendicular to the news ribbon. The steel bands intersect the structure of each column/seat along the length of the platform. (unrealized)

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