Performing arts center

Weehawken, NJ


Situated on the public green of the Weehawken Promenade, HRPAC is a new performing arts center on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River opposite midtown Manhattan. The building emerges out of the park as a series of prismatic surfaces, dynamically inclining eastward toward Manhattan. The 35,000 square foot building consists of twin theaters: a state of the art multi-purpose performance space seating 400 and an outdoor performance space seating 800. A large cantilevered roof supported by a central circulation spine shelters the side-by-side theaters. Audiences can enter the lobby from both east and west, ascend through the circulation spine and branch off into the theaters from the rear. A spectacular view of midtown serves as the theatrical backdrop at the entry and through performances. At dusk, the internally illuminated fabric roof is a beacon that can be seen from Manhattan, the promenade, and the Lincoln Tunnel off-ramp.

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