Multi-media theater work

Premiered in New York, NY


The multi-media theater work in collaboration with The Builders Association and D-Box intersects two true stories from the early 1970¹s that feature characters severed from conventions of time and space. Sarah Krasnoff is the American grandmother who, in a period of six months, flew back and forth across the Atlantic between New York and Amsterdam 167 times with her young grandson to elude the pursuit of the boy¹s father and psychiatrist. During this non-stop high-speed chase, they never left the space of air travel. Krassnoff finally died of jet lag. Donald Crowhurst was a British eccentric who joined the round-the-world solo yacht race sponsored by the Sunday Times of London. Ill-prepared but driven by the guaranteed publicity of the event, Crowhurst loaded up film equipment provided by the BBC to record his journey and set sail. Realizing his inability to make the circumnavigation, Crowhurst broadcast false radio positions of daily progress and documented a successful voyage on film while drifting in circles on the open sea for six months. When he rejoined the race in its last leg, Crowhurst mysteriously disappeared at sea. In an inversion of gender stereotypes, the grandmother reproduces home for her grandson in perpetual motion, while Crowhurst fictionalizes the bravado of movement while frozen in space. Animations in collaboration with D-Box.

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