Cultural center

Køge, Denmark


Situated to one side of the rail corridor in Copenhagen, the Kulturhus connects the historic public square at Køge’s heart to a vital new waterfront development. The Kulturhus must be many things to many people, a place where Køge’s cultural, social, and civic ideals align with a set of new spatial ideals. A “Transformer” building mimics the utility of a Swiss Army Knife, the various uses of the building rotating out of a central civic hall (The Foyer) and converging within it. The Large and Small Halls flanking the Foyer can function separately or they can open up and extend into the central space using expanding stage floors and folding acoustic walls. On occasion, the entire building can be conjoined end-to-end as a ‘Great Hall’ for festivals or small conventions. The Foyer, in turn, radiates beyond its walls into neighboring sites to infiltrate its dynamic activities into the city. A continuous roof drapes over the building with expressive suppleness, both unifying the diverse spaces within and the existing Theater Villa while defining each component part at a scale appropriate to the surrounding streets.

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