Mixed-used towers

Middle East


The strategy of pixelation is used to break down the mass of two 60 storey towers into small units of space based on the scale of program, construction and habitation, ultimately reducing the building into pixels of light and shade. Each tower contains a different programmatic prerogative; one is predominantly commercial while the other is residential. The pixelation pattern is derived from the programmatic and structural demands of each tower, thus producing two towers with individual identities born from the same architectural DNA. Smooth surfaces that support large, open expanses of office space and repetitive hotel floors, offer a counterpoint to the highly articulated, pixelated zones of the residential areas. This strategy of space making produces an identifiable image at the scale of the skyline that also resonates for the pedestrian experience at the base. The cantilevered ‘pixels’ made up of horizontal and vertical screens, in conjunction with water features, form comfortable, self shaded outdoor areas that can be used deeper into the warm months of the year. On and near the ground, public plazas and courts participate in the dynamic urban life of the city, taking advantage of the shade which increases the comfort level of outdoor spaces.

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