Multi-media installation

Santiago, Chile


Public Sky is a temporary pavilion which stands in front of the Palacio de La Moneda in Santiago. On the occasion of Chile’s Bicentennial, the pavilion transforms an underused public lawn into a 24-hour gathering space. The pavilion acts as an anti-monument: ephemeral, defying gravity and in constant motion, floating above the beginning of the Bulnes axis to the south side of Plaza de la Ciudadanía. Steel cables support 4,600-square-meters of translucent roof formed by 128 helium and air-filled pillows. Water ballasts hold each cable in place and double as informal lounge seating. When windy, the roof drifts and waves. On still days, the kinetic energy of the public is transferred through the ballasts and cables, broadcasting the activity below to distant views along the Bulnes axis. At night the underside of the floating canopy becomes the largest video projection screen in Chile, directing the public’s gaze away from the surrounding site and towards the sky. Projections alternate between commissioned work and public submissions and for a brief moment at sunset, pre-recorded videos of the sky filmed at the site are projected back onto the canopy, blurring the otherwise familiar transition from day to night.

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