Masterplan (waterfront)

Staten Island, NY


This medium density mixed use development will occupy the former Stapleton Homeport Navy facility on the north shore of Staten Island. The proposal reconsiders how we occupy the New York City waterfront by manipulating notions of public and private space as well as urban and suburban conditions. At the crux of the proposal is an attempt to reconcile the seemingly incompatible desires to increase density and spur renewal in the surrounding community while provide unfettered visual and physical access to the waterfront.

The site comprises three re-imagined housing types; the row house, the courtyard, and the tower; all exploring new ways of engaging the waterfront. A series of water streets, lined with bars of row houses, extend the existing street grid to the water, eliminating the hard line between the city and the harbor. The row houses are arranged so that all units have water access with boat slips to one side and a public green covering parking to the other.

In another area of the site, 6 to 8 story “mini” towers grow out of a reconstructed tidal marsh, connected by a system of boardwalks. Over the course of the day as the tide changes the nature of the landscape and the perception of the towers.

The entire site is interwoven with a series of public and semi-public amenities.
A green public park covers big box retail at the waterfront Hotel and conference facilities with commanding views at the end of a 1400’ pier provide much needed facilities as well as public plazas offering a vantage point not available elsewhere in the city. Completing the site are a “floating” amphitheater, a K-12 public school, public boating facilities, beaches and boardwalks.