Olympic museum

Colorado Springs, CO


Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, home of the United States Olympic Training Center, the 60,000 square-foot interpretive museum will tell the inspirational stories of American Olympic and Paralympic athletes as well as the traditions of the global Olympic movement. Inspired by the movement of athletes, the museum idealizes a sense of motion in the organization of its galleries, auditorium, and public areas across the site. Expressed in two parts of one body in counterpoise, the building frames a new downtown public plaza below the view of Pike’s Peak, and extends a new axis to the America the Beautiful Park west. The primary southern building dramatically spirals outward from its central atrium. Its outer skin shimmers in changing daylight as the building emerges from its seasonally shifting landscape. Upon arrival, visitors are oriented within the central atrium at the museum’s heart which soars upward toward daylight. After ticketing, visitors receive a media introduction while ascending the building in a large elevator-room. At the pinnacle, a picturesque view of the sprawling mountains open up, recalling the global settings of the Olympic Games and its ancient origins. Touring the museum from the top, visitors descend through a sequence of loft galleries containing state-of-the-art interactive storylines: Journey to Excellence, Train Like an Olympian, Science and Technology, Parade of Nations, and Let the Games Begin. In each gallery, a scripted passage leads visitors out to the perimeter for views of the city and landscape, and back into the atrium to re-engage this active central space animated by daylight and visuals evoking excitement around the future Olympic Games.

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