Multi-media performance

New York, NY


The multi-media performance accompanies DADA, an exhibition on the anti-art movement that flourished from 1916 to 1924. The production, in collaboration with The Wooster Group, is conceived as a panel discussion in the museum’s lobby. A long table supported on human crutches sits in front of the speakers with a blue screen behind. Wooster Group’s Scott Shepard moderates an unscripted discussion between geriatric actors representing Dada writers and performers including Tristan Tzara, Richard Huelsenbeck, Jean Arp and Hugo Ball. The group reminisces about Dada’s notorious Cabaret Voltaire, recites Dada poetry and argues theory in litigious Dada style. A remotely controlled robotic camera pans back and forth along the 24’ long table, capturing story after story. Live feed of the ‘talking heads’ is superimposed into various pre-recorded scenes and backgrounds edited on the fly, docu-style. The audience is distracted from the panel discussion to the mediated presentation transmitted onto LCD monitors behind in the opposite direction. As a third parallel track, the audience can tune into four prescribed stations of Dada commentary and criticism through individual FM radio receivers.

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