Public space

Indianapolis, IN


This new open-air plaza lies at the nexus between Eskenazi Health Center and the Indiana University-Purdue University campus. Accessible to the entire community, not only patients and hospital staff, the space includes a large lawn, a new restaurant, and garden community spaces. An innovative trellis structure supports seasonal vegetation and encourages year-round activity, a defining element of the design.

The plaza provides a mix of social and intimate spaces dedicated to work, lounging, dining, performance, and public events. The overhead trellis is composed of four distinct zones, each responding to its orientation. Below it, intersecting circulation paths invite visitors to interact within a series of sensory spaces. A large event lawn accommodates the hospital’s community outreach programs and plays host to both hospital and campus events. The seasonal rhythms of trellis plant growth adds variety to the experience, redefining the site at every visit. The trellis employs technical innovations that allow for a symbiotic relationship between architecture, structure, and landscape. Plant growth will become an essential component of the architecture, redefining the conventional notion of enclosure. The lightweight hybrid structural system, which includes elements ranging from masts to steel cables, allows for extended column-free spans of over 70 feet. LED lights articulate the planted lattice structure, offering a dynamic welcome to the site.

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